Tag: Exploit Machine

06Jul, 2018

Sebagian besar sampel LokiBot adalah versi malware asli yang "dibajak"

Ternyata sebagian besar sampel malware LokiBot yang didistribusikan di jagad dunia maya adalah versi modifikasi dari sampel asli, seorang peneliti keamanan telah belajar. Menargetkan pengguna sejak 2015, LokiBot adalah pencuri password dan cryptocoin-wallet yang dapat mengumpulkan kredensial dari berbagai browser web populer, FTP, poker dan klien email, serta alat administrasi TI seperti PuTTY. Malware LokiBot […]

13Nov, 2016

[Exploit Kit] Bleeding Life (2.0)

The Bleeding Life exploit kit is a blackhat Web application consisting of several recent exploits. Since first mentioned in October 2010 there were: two full versions (v1 and v2), Mini-Java version, Java edition, Adobe edition and the latest – Bleeding Life RELOADED seen „in-the-wild“. As with other exploit kits, this one uses PHP and MySQL […]

13Nov, 2016

[Exploit Kit] Blackhole (1.0.2)

The Blackhole exploit kit is as of 2012 the most prevalent web threat, where 28% of all web threats detected by Sophos and 91% by AVG are due to this exploit kit. [1] Its purpose is to deliver a malicious payload to a victim’s computer. [2] According to Trend Micro the majority of infections due […]

13Nov, 2016

[Silverlight] Drive by Download (DBD)

Drive-by download means two things, each concerning the unintended download of computer software from the Internet: Downloads which a person authorized but without understanding the consequences (e.g. downloads which install an unknown or counterfeit executable program, ActiveX component, or Java applet). Any download that happens without a person’s knowledge, often a computer virus, spyware, malware, […]

13Nov, 2016

[Exploit Kit] Phoenix (3.1.15) – Unencrypted source.

The Phoenix Exploit Kit is available for a base price of $2,200 in underground market by its malware author or developer. Like other exploit kits, Phoenix also developed to exploit browser-based vulnerabilities in outdated and insecure versions of browser plugins like Java, and Adobe Flash and Reader. Quote CVE-2010-0842 CVE: 2010-0248 CVE-2011-2110 CVE-2011-2140 CVE: 2011-2371 CVE-2011-3544 […]