[Exploit Kit] Crimepack (3.1.3)

13Nov, 2016
CrimePack Exploit Kit Description
Some of the most common types of hacking tools are exploit kits,
commercial kits that allow hackers to create attack websites or force legitimate websites
to direct computer users to attack websites.
The  main reason for their popularity is because criminals can use them to
carry out online attacks without needing computer knowledge, but just  the money to purchase a license.
The CrimePack Exploit Kit is one of  these kinds of hacking tools
that allow even inexperienced hackers to  carry out sophisticated, effective malware attacks.
The CrimePack  Exploit Kit is one of the most popular exploit packs available due to  its easy use
and the fact that the CrimePack Exploit Kit can take  advantage of several common software vulnerabilities.
Exploring the CrimePack Exploit Kit Looking at the administration website for a CrimePack Exploit Kit  infection,
security researchers notice that about thirty percent of all
visitors to an attack website containing the CrimePack Exploit Kit will become.

Link Download : http://adf.ly/1fdlW7

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